I am writing this short review for the lessons I took at Oxford Golf Academy (OGA). I took first trial golf lesson with Chad Orbaker around July 2021. I just started playing golf in June; never played before and never even knew anything about golf. The first trial lesson by Chad was an eye opening experience- he told me that trying to strike a golf ball from a raised tee is akin to riding a bicycle using training wheels. I thank him for his sincere efforts and putting me up with Rick Young who became my golf instructor for several following months.



Rick taught me almost everything that I need to know about golf game- correct way of setting the ball, posture, stance, upswing, down swing, rotation of body and finishing the strike. He spent many hours with me instructing how to swing the clubs, which club to use for distance control and achieve the goal of hitting the balls from grass without tees. Later he also taught me the putting methods. He even set me up with a putter. His expert methodology, encouragement and support helped me tremendously. He is very easy going, extremely friendly and dedicated instructor. In short I can say this: if I need further lessons to brush up my game I will not hesitate to sign up with Rick again. I recommend him to anyone interested to learn golfing from the scratch or improve golfing including putting, pitching and chipping.



By the way, the driving range at OGA is an excellent facility for golf practice. They have very cordial and friendly staff always ready to help you. Most of the time I interacted with Nikki for my needs. She is such a sweet person- thank you!

Mono Singh


If you are trying to improve your golf game, Oxford Golf teaching/practice facility is a excellent choice.
In a nut shell, I started playing here in the Villages on July 4th, 4 years ago.
My first round score was 121.
With Chad Orbaker help and a lot of hard work, I now shoot near and under my age (80) on regular basis. Pretty good for the worst putter on the planet.
Actually shot par once at Hacienda Hills. By the rules and no "gimme's."(white tees).
Good luck !!
See you on the Course !!
Ron Cain


12/3/20, 12:04 pm

Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time

Great people and golf academy that makes a huge difference in your game.

-Paul Schindelar


Thanks Oxford Golf Academy for the wonderful instructors, the great driving range, which never gets overcrowded.
The specialty clinics, lessons and Nikki, your office manager who as the first face of the Academy is so friendly and helpful.

She certainly sets the tone as the “Family” at Oxford Golf Academy.


Everyone is low key, yet professional and it is clear there is a mutual respect between all the employees.


We look forward to next year when we return to The Villages!


Thanks so much!



Robin W.

Paula L


Thank you for helping me with my putting. Since working with you my putting has been great. I have made a lot of putts in our 4 man best shot games I have been putting last after the others have missed I have been able to make enough that we have won a lot of skins. I played with a Father and son that had just arrived from NY. I 1 putted the first 4 greens and several others on the front side at Eagle Dunes. The father had brought a new Ghost putter with him and had not made a decent put all day I had mentioned that I had just had some lessons and that is why I had been putting so good. He asked me what I had learned that was working so good. He had been putting with the toe up all day I checked his putter it was balanced I told him how it should be level and his eyes over the ball he 1 putted the last two holes. He was looking forward to his next round.

 Now for the bad I'm not making every putt. I think it's because I'm still working with my brain and body and they haven't always played nice. Thank you again and I will send anybody that I can your way the lessons are well worth the money and the time.

Steve Baltzley