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The Fundamentals 

Depending on the program you choose, your time at Oxford​ Golf Academy will be divided into the following fundamental components:


Turning three putts into two or one can do wonders for your handicap. The Putting module covers putting stroke fundamentals and individual stroke analysis, green reading techniques and general putting drills, as well as distance and feel drills.

Short Game

Another vital path to better scores for you, the short game includes instructional advice and practice techniques for chipping from slopes, bad lies and fairway shots, as well as the flop shot. In the sand, we’ll cover fairway and greenside shots from normal and buried lies. Moving out to 60 yards, we’ll work on pitch shots and the bump and run, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Everyone loves to air it out, whether from the tee or from the fairway of a long par-five. However, accuracy counts in this game and many golfers are forced to make a trade-off. To get the most out of your long game, instructors will teach you alignment and posture and provide an individual analysis. We’ll also cover the individual clubs and shots of the long game, from driver and fairway woods to long, mid and short irons.

Senior Golfers


How much concentration is too much? How loose should I be before I hit the first tee? What foods should I eat and what exercises can I do to keep in top physical shape for my golf game? What are the best exercises for warming up prior to play and practice? These are just some of the questions we’ll answer in the mental/physical section of the Academy.

Golfing Couple


On-course applications of your swing and course management principles take your session from the theoretical to the practical. Don’t be surprised if your pro pays a visit or even plays a round with you. This is where it all comes together!

Please contact Oxford​ Golf Academy at 352-446-4456 to discuss a custom training program designed just for you.
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